Our lead coaches have been providing individual and group basketball instructions for over 15 years in the greater Boston area.  We have extensive experience working with athletes from the introduction level all the way up to the professional levels.

The first step is for us to gain insights from both parents and athletes. Information that we want to gather includes:

  • What position do you want to play? Or have been playing?
  • Where are you comfortable scoring the ball from?
  • Is there a position on the floor you would like to develop into?
  • What are some areas that you think need to be addressed?

You are the customer and it is our goal to help the athlete develop into the player they want to be.  Of course, we will be honest with you and provide our recommendations, but it is all about helping the athlete be the best they can be!

The athlete’s skill sets, overall understanding of the game, and athletic ability will be assessed on day one.  The first session is usually a little bit slower than the following sessions due to having to stop and teach the intricacies of each concept.  After the first session, athletes will be provided a world class shooting informational packet, and homework that is to be practiced before returning to the next session.  

One of our goals is to teach athletes how to effectively work on their own.   Knowing how to practice with a purpose is crucial to improving. Much of what we do involves teaching proper body movements and developing the proper muscle memory in our movements.  These concepts are often times ignored by basketball trainers because it is difficult to teach. By developing the proper muscle memory involved with shooting, defensive stances, and jumping, it allows the athlete to maximize their hand eye coordination, strength, explosiveness, and speed.  Improving in these areas will not only help an athlete improve their shooting, defense, and overall game, but it will also help build confidence in the lifelong game of basketball.

We do not use gimmicks to teach basketball.  We strive to teach concepts in a basic, simple, yet effective way that athletes can understand and relate to.  The teaching methods used are proven. We strive to use our teaching methods to build confidence and inspire athletes to want to get better at basketball so they can play with their friends, tryout on teams, get to a new level, or improve your skills so that you can play into your older years.

We work with all ages, youth, teens, adults, and older adults, and all skill levels from the introductory stage to the advanced levels.