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Pump It Up offers weekly clinics for boys and girls ages 6 to 12.

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About Us

Pump It Up Basketball provides high quality basketball programming for children and adults of all skill levels.  Led by college and high school coaches, All-American athletes, and experienced teachers, we use positive coaching philosophies to inspire athletes to want to get better at basketball while having fun.  

Pump It Up Basketball seeks to carry on the tradition of the high quality instruction and life lessons taught by legendary coach Bob Farias.  Coach Farias taught thousands of young athletes through his camp programs over a 40 year period, and it is our mission to preserve his legacy by offering first rate basketball instruction in Lexington, Massachusetts and surrounding areas.

It is our belief that through effective coaching methods and by offering programs that are a lot of fun, children will be inspired to want to get better at playing the lifelong game of basketball.  Whether you are a young child being introduced to basketball for the first time, or are an elite college athlete, Pump It Up has a program for you!

Our dedicated team of coaches have developed and designed a proven program that empowers athletes, enhances their basketball skills, encourages teamwork and sportsmanship, and instills confidence in every aspect of their lives.

Basketball Camp

Pump It Up Basketball Camps are held in the summer months and are for children ages 8 to 14.  We welcome campers of all skills levels. Our camps are perfect for those who are trying to get ready for tryouts, or for anyone who just wants to improve their skills so they can be better at playing with their friends in the park. 

We take a 360 degree approach in the way we teach the game while providing the full summer experience for all of our campers.  The staff is experienced and supportive and the program is well thought out. Pump It Up Basketball wants campers to have fun while getting better at basketball. 

Pump It Up Basketball Camp uses a positive coaching structure with an innovative specialized training program that places an emphasis on skill development and developing the overall character of our campers. 

We tackle every facet of the game, both on and off the court. Through the design of our camp program, campers will learn offensive concepts such as good spacing, passing to open teammates, and passing up good shots for better shots.   Defensive concepts include help side defense, effective communication on defense, team rebounding, and transition defense. We feel as though many programs do not emphasize these offensive and defensive concepts enough at a young age. The reason why is because it is difficult to teach, and it requires a lot of patience and demonstration.  Our specifically designed drills and controlled games are proven to help enforce these concepts.

In addition to individual and team skill development, campers will enhance their confidence, become a better teammate, and develop a better overall understanding of how to play team basketball.

Our summer 2020 camps are located at

Fiske School – 55 Adams St, Lexington, MA 02420

Basketball Clinics

Pump It Up Clinics offers weekly one-hour clinics in Lexington, Massachusetts at the Estabrook School.  Over the years, we have emerged as a leading program in the greater Boston area. Our clinics are very popular and highly regarded by parents and participants.   Since we began, we have worked with hundreds of young athletes from children first being introduced to basketball, to children trying to improve their skills so they can try out for their team, to experienced athletes who want to take their game to the next level. 

Led by experienced high school and college coaches, our program covers all aspects of playing basketball from both an individual and team standpoint. 

Individual concepts seek to build proper muscle memory through repetition and guidance.  Every participant will improve their skill set in the areas of dribbling, passing, catching, shooting, and defense.  Our coaches also place a significant emphasis on proper body movements both offensively and defensively. This allows for campers to be faster, quicker, and stronger on the basketball court. 

Team offensive concepts will emphasize offensive spacing, ball movement, keeping your head up while dribbling so you can see the entire floor, looking to pass to open teammates, and passing up good shots for better shots. Team defensive concepts will cover/introduce proper defense, help side defense, transition defense, effective communication, and team rebounding.

Everything we emphasize is taught through demonstrations and proven drills and controlled games.  We passionately teach basketball concepts. Our program is all about developing confidence and a better overall understanding of the game of basketball.    

What We Emphasize!

Skill Development

We strive to develop athletes into better basketball players! Through fun drills and games, athletes will work on dribbling, shooting, passing, spacing, defensive fundamentals, and other individual and team concepts.


Flag Football games are a lot of fun! At Five Star we play games every day in both the morning and afternoon. Campers are placed on teams based on skillsets, age, and group requests.


The camp experience can have a positive impact on the youth. Having fun is what summer camp is all about! We want our campers to have fun while making friends.